December 2018 - Bishops Hull, Taunton Christmas Fair. On the stall with Daniel, Grace and Molly-Jo.

Cafe Paramo went to Bishops Hull . It was an amazing experience to go to and gave us as view of other organizations. It was good for Molly-Jo to revisit her primary school and see old friends; it reminded her of how much she has grown up. It wasn't very busy, but we got quite a bit of attention as people now us as we supply the community centre with there coffee; lots of people also recognised us from the students at heathfield school who happen to be some of there children, so they now about our work with Peru and how all the designs are made by our school.

West Monkton primary Christmas fair-2018

On Friday 30th November 2018 Café Paramo went to West Monkton CoE primary school. It was an enjoyable Christmas event to attend and earn a lot of profit with lots of coffee and mugs being sold and which are going to be sent to Peru. As a school they provided great hospitality for us and we felt very welcomed. The people there were kind and interested in what we had to offer. This was one of our many events and a very enjoyable one at that. We had a great afternoon and if we needed anything we could ask any body and they wouldn't be annoyed as they had a happy to help attitude. This was a big Christmas event and we felt privileged to be able to attend. When we were there we sold more than we ever imagined. selling at these events makes us feel so joyful just to know that the profits we make will go back to small villages in Peru to help them with their lives. As they are not as lucky as us and don't have all the money to survive with. So being able to bring some hope to the village community makes all of the students at6 Café Paramo feel a sense of love at  this Christmas time. 

2014 - Here we are at the Sustainability Show...

Burnham on Sea Food and Drink Festival.

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