Think fair: Be fair: Buy fair

Students at Heathfield Community School are given the opportunity to be part of this amazing business. The students apply and then are interviewed for posts in the following areas: Managing directors, Finance team, Sales / Marketing team, Design team and International Links co-ordinators. The students run the buisness and can seek advice from assigned teachers and business mentors.

Students at Heathfield Community School have produced all of the labels for the coffee and the art work you see is all their own work. They also market the products and sell them via a number of outlets. Students are now communicating with the students of Ecuador after a successful visit in July 2011.

In 2013, we experienced the largest change to the business since it began. We made the decision to move cooperatives from Ecuador to The Dominican Republic- this was an amazing opportunity for us as it means we have now made links with a country completely different to Ecuador but equally in need of the help from Café Paramo. But with that, came a whole new re-branding of Café Paramo itself; labels, mugs, bags and other brand new merchandise was designed and handmade by our design team, all before the busy Christmas sales period of 2013. Additionally, after securing the links with the school, farmers and orphanage in the small community in the Dominican Republic we have managed to arrange a trip there that will take place in summer 2015.

The video on this page was made back in 2012, it is the earlier story of Café Paramo. It explains all about the teams in the business and more about our phase in Ecuador. We are currently in the process of creating a new, more updated video.

Regardless of the location of our cooperative, Café Paramo are committed to this projected for the long term.


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