Cafe Paramo-you can taste the justice!

Mission Statement

With the finest coffee growers around, two communities helping each other through one link, one livelihood, one coffee.

Cafe Paramo is an unique project and buisness, through which Heathfield Community School, Taunton, England is firmly linked to a community in the Dominican Republic.

About Us

Through this unique project Heathfield Community School is proud to have developed a business in which we sell coffee. It is situated in the Dominican Republic. The farmers receive a fairer than fair trade price for every pack of their exquisite coffee that we sell. We are proud to support this community by being able to purchase their entire crop. Proceeds from every packet will go directly to the farmers and the local schools attended by their children, helping to buy basics such as tables, chairs, books and pens. The parents of the children are receiving a fair price for their coffee and as a result the children are receiving an education.

This all means that you can enjoy the rich, mellow taste of this delicious coffee whilst knowing you are making a difference to a coffee grower and their family's future.

Cafe Paramo; the new phase!

As a result of many years of hard work, the members of Cafe Paramo have been given a one in a lifetime opportunity to go out to the Dominican Republic! We will work with the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans that we sell. Within the community there is a small orphanage which also benefits from CafĂ© Paramo, so we will be visiting them and connecting with them through art projects and games. As well as all of this we will be going to the primary school which Cafe Paramo has made accessible to all the farmers children. It is an amazing opportunity for us to go out and create a real bond with these people. This trip will ensure that the future of Cafe Paramo will be just as successful as it is now.

Watch the story of how we run our project.

Heathfield Community School, School Road, Taunton, Somerset

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